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Lunch On Web

Lunch On Web is an innovative on-line platform for food ordering based on social networking, geolocation and mobile usage.It is also available on mobile phones thanks to the dedicated iOS and Android applications.

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The service allows finding geographically relevant food suppliers around, or at a specific address, browse their menu and share the order with friends, colleagues or neighbours, to lower the delivery price and save time. Orders can be taken away or delivered following the supplier, and can be paid cash on delivery, or prepaid (using a Lunch On Web wallet, in development).


Our partner-restaurants have access to a private portal where they can pilot their on-line presence, from their branding and the definition of their menu to the delivery zones and their opening schedules. The incoming orders are treated quickly thanks to an easy-to-use touch screen interface (also usable on an iPad or other tablet).


Why Lunch On Web?


For the client:

  • You decide what to eat, not your company
  • Save 3/4 on your lunch ordering time
  • Choose who you want to eat with
  • Get delivered, quickly and easily
  •  ...



 For the restaurant's owner:

  • Reach more customers
  • Treat more orders outside rush hours
  • Increase profit thanks to group orders
  • Decide if you deliver or not
  • ...




For the company:

  • By using the portal, your employees spare time everyday.
  • The company's profitability increases.
  • Your company is more environmentally friendly because fewer cars leave at noon.
  • Your employees socialize during their lunch break.
  • ...