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SESAR is an European program in the aeronautical domain, which aims at creating the future general air traffic management system, able to ensure the safety and fluidity of the air transport in Europe and worldwide, over the next 30 years. Indeed, statistics shows the air traffic will double until 2030, and today’s systems are not able to deal with this increase.

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A legal entity, the SESAR Joint Undertaking, was created under Community law on 27 February 2007 to manage the funds assigned to the SESAR project.

The total estimated cost of the development phase of SESAR is € 2.1 billion, to be shared equally between the European Community, Eurocontrol and the industry (€ 350 million European Commission, € 350 million Trans-European Transport Network Executive Agency, € 700 million Eurocontrol, € 700 million industry). More information about SESAR project here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SESAR_Joint_Undertaking 


SESAR's most important enabler for assuring that the right information will be available with the right quality to the right person at the right time, is SWIM, System Wide Information Management.

SWIM concept, when implemented, will cover all ATM information, including aeronautical, flight, aerodrome, meteorological, air traffic flow, and surveillance.

SWIM consists of standards, infrastructure and governance enabling the management of ATM information and its exchange between qualified parties via interoperable services.

More information about SWIM concept here: http://www.sesarju.eu/sesar-solutions/system-wide-information-management   

The most important elements of SWIM will be:

  • ATM Information Reference Model - AIRM - which will provide an implementation neutral definition of all ATM information, through harmonised conceptual and logical data models
  • Information Service Reference Model - ISRM – which provides the logical breakdown of required information services and their behavioural patterns
  • Information Management Functions (including Governance) - user identity management, discoverability of resources, security aspects such as authentication, encryption and authorisation, notification services, registration need to be defined to support information sharing
  • SWIM Infrastructure is the interoperable (runtime) technical infrastructure (Ground/Ground and Air/Ground) over which the data will be distributed. Its implementation may, depending on the specific needs/profile, differ from one stakeholder to another, both in terms of scope and way of implementation
  • SWIM Enabled Applications - The implementation of SWIM in the ATM system enables ATM business benefits by assuring the provision of commonly understood quality information to the right people at the right time.

Thanks to its 15 years' experience in aeronautical domain, Pulsar has been involved in several SESAR/SWIM projects already, please find below some of them: