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CIDIN 1 & 2

The CIDIN (Common ICAO Data Interchange Network) is a data network implemented and used by the Air Traffic Services Oragnisations.

The CIDIN project for Eurocontrol involved the development of an application for the management of one of Eurocontrol's telecommunications networks.
This network links all different COM centres, as well in Europe (Internal COM) and in the whole world (External COM). You can access the CIDIN Website by clicking here.

Internet management of the CIDIN telecommunications data network: COM Centre and persons management, Virtual Circuits and Circuits management, AFTN & CIDIN Routing management, publication of data from background area to pre-operational and operational area, CMC and CCC roles, coordination and voting of all CCC in pre-operational area, automatic generation of the new routing proposal, remote database update and management, security (https, RSA keys), LDAP-ready for users management.


Project Scope

There are three main principles:

  • Secured internet connection
  • Database update & administration via internet (user roles, data locking, use of several "area")
  • Several data validation levels

The application uses an Oracle 8i database, OAS 4.0.8, a specific servlet developed in Java, HTML pages for the display of simple data and java applets for complex data processing.

Two user types:

  • the operators in the COM centres (CCC)
  • the administrators for all COM centres (CMC)

To ensure data validation before the online publication ("Operational Area"), two other "area" are used:

  • "Background Area": all CCC's manipulate their own data, the CMC manipulate all data
  • "Pre-opearational Area": the CCC's validate the data of their own COM centre, the CMC validate all data


CMC Menu

The CMC user can access all the CCC functions but also some specific to him functions (privileged functions), that allow him to:

  • lock/unlock specific or all COM centres
  • create routing directories
  • create routing matrices
  • generate routing matrices via a specific routing algorithm
  • see the references tables
  • modify the bulletin boards
  • transfer data between areas
  • modify routing matrix status


CCC User

The CCC user can consult all data relative to the internal COM centres and propose modifications for the data regarding his own COM centre.

  • he has access for consultation to data in "Opeational area" and "Pre-operational Area".
  • he can propose modifications and updates for his own COM centre in "Background Area".

Once proposed, these changes will be checked by the CMC user, approved and then validated to "Pre-operationnal Area".

The CCC user can also consult the bulletin board and download the static report.




  • Oracle 9i Database
  • Oracle Designer2000
  • Java Technology (GID Framework, J2EE, JSP,EJB)
  • XML
  • HTML
  • Javascript
  • Oracle Business Components
  • SVG


Integrates in the GID platform (keeping existent applets) and enhances the existent Cidin 1 application based on the new user requirements:

  • New reports
  • Graphical representation of the Network Routing Directory based on the latest information in the database (SVG Technology)
  • New characteristics of the COM Centres
  • Full application help
  • RTF-format editing of Bulletin Board
  • FAQs and Interworking
  • Problems management
  • Several technical improvements


SVG Com Chart

Fully editable SVG rendered map, allowing to perform:

  • zooms in & out
  • drag and drop of COM Centres & Circuits
  • drag and drop of the labels of the COM Centres & Circuits
  • Print of particular zooms


GID Integration

The Cidin 1 application has been integrated in the GID framework and the old applets were conserved.

The new functionnalities were implemented taking advantage of light HTML client, but keeping the look of the first version applets, in order to keep a graphical harmony in the application layout.