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Airports Related Projects


PACS stands for Pan-European Airport Capacity and Delay Analysis Support. The general purpose of the PACS project is to progressively store both input and output data of various airport activity analysis tools into a common European repository, for later re-use of the data and scenarios, assuring data confidentiality and security.

Airport Network Information Model (ANIM)

This ANIM activity includes the development of an airport network information conceptual model (ANCM) and airport network information exchange model (ANXM). The purpose of ANCM/ANXM is to address any kind of airport information required for the purpose of ATM network planning and management, covering the whole planning time horizon (at strategic, tactical and pre-operational levels) as well as overall ATM network performance monitoring (key performance indicators and post-operational information).

Airport Network Information (ANIM) Cockpit

Development of a WebService Definition and a Geographical Visualization for Performance Indicators.