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Pulsar Parking Guidance & Information System (P-PGI)

The  P-PGI System (Pulsar Parking Guidance and Information System) was designed and implemented by Pulsar following European and Belgian mobility needs and regulations. It is an autonomous system, fulfilling every need in the mobility domain, in order to support the seek for mobility optimization of several market players, public (urban traffic) as well as private (parking).

Please find more info on http://www.parking-guidance.com 



Public sector

  • Person in charge of "Roads Infrastructures", "Traffic" and/or "Mobility" for the city/region
  • Associations and groups involved in improving mobility in cities


Private sector

  • Companies having one or several parkings (visitors, employees, different buildings, etc.)
  • Shopping centres
  • Spaces dedicated to events 
  • Parking Managers
  • Other areas

The P-PGI system supports different types of displays and processes different types of data collected from parkings or other data sources (gates, presence sensors, buckle into the ground, ...). 

P-PGI communicates with outside world through several means like emails, SMS and mobile devices notifications. Our complete web application allows to manage the parts of the P-PGI system, and provides various roles and users with qualified information they need to manage the system, like reports, statistics, geolocation, etc.

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