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PRODIGUM is a handy e-collaborative web-management tool for your product's compositions, datasheets, ingredients and recipes.

Through the list of products, the management of the suppliers and manufacturers, the allergens and contaminants, the filling of the products datasheets and its annexes through the workflow, the GDA (guided daily amounts), this e-collaborative management tool will allow you, by delegating the encoding to your suppliers, to increase your productivity when setting legal standards for the launch or the redesign of your products.


prodigum, pulsar

More info on http://www.prodigum.com 

Already used for many years by important actors of the European market, PRODIGUM provides a unique capital gain to all actors of the consumer products sector

Our mission is to help the retail market and the product industry to develop new products, faster and safer, in accordance with European standards and with costs under control. 

Fast, safe, cheap, PRODIGUM is your key partner for your e-collaborative management.

prodigum, pulsar