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Our Products & Tools

Pulsar has developed its own range of software products/packages and tools, covering business needs in various market sectors.


Pulsar Parking Guidance & Information System (P-PGI)

A tool adaptable to every need in the area of road mobility optimization, mobility enhancements and guidance, on the road, in city centres and in parkings.


A handy tool for the e-collaborative management (through the web) of your products datasheets, from the ingredients and compositions of your products, to the legal sticker on the packaging.




Complete solution to deal effectively with reception and shipments of products on site:

  • Truck registration via interactive terminals,
  • Edit of your entry documents,
  • Control of check-lists and special treatment of Dangerous Goods Transport,
  • Interactions with weighing and loading devices,
  • Interfaces with various ERP (such as SAP),
  • Validations before the truck leaves the site and transport document printing




Invoicing tool through a web interface, with management of customers, timesheets, PDF export, and many other interesting features.


AIXM Facilitator

Based on Pulsar’s extensive experience in the field of AIXM technologies, AIXM Facilitator helps to generate technical parts of AIXM based applications and documentation.



Business Rules Manager

The main driver for developing the Business Rules Manager (BRM) was the need for an intuitive and user-friendly Web application allowing for domain experts, business analysts and senior developers to write, manage and synthesize business rules.