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Are you looking for high quality IT solutions to better serve your business while lowering your costs?

Associate yourself with the right partner to manage your IT. 

Since 1998, Pulsar is known as a professional IT company offering custom B2B solutions in the following areas:

Description of the different services:

Our B2B activities start with the Diagnosis, that's to say in chronological order, the inventory of existing IT, an analysis of the needs, a gap analysis (what misses the customer to better serve its business), a business analysis (requirements definition), advice and recommendation. 

Then follows the search of Standard software on the market, meeting at best the customer needs. This implies the functional aspects, as well as infrastructure and maintenance. 

We finally reach the core activities of Pulsar: Custom developments, according to the customer needs, of software interfaces, modules or complete software, in accordance with the results of the previous phases. This also includes the multi-annual maintenance of these modules and software, as well as hosting and infrastructure part. 

The next pole shows modern IT that Pulsar can propose to its customers: web and mobile applications, eCommerce, SEO (optimization of internet visibility), etc.

Last but not least, the "latecomers" at Pulsar: Tools & Products. These are software originally developed for a client or for internal purposes, and afterwards became packages to sell under licence to other customers.

Discover also our general offer here.


Do you have one or several of the following problems?

  • Do you think IT can better serve your business and save you money but you need the expertise to figure out how to do this?
  • Do you think today's IT is so vast that you must find and use existing tools to support your activities, instead of reinventing the wheel?
  • Are you fed up of investing in never ending and expensive IT projects? Does your company have some specific IT needs that require specialized developments, but under control?
  • Do you need more documentation and transparency for your IT?
  • You hear all around about using mobile and web as sales channel and you want to use them too? Or do you simply want to improve your company's image on the internet?
  • Would you like to use your software on your smartphone or your tablet?
  • Maybe one of our products fits your company's needs and you would like more information?


The right IT partner can make your life easier!

  • Increase your performance.
  • Optimize your operations.
  • Focus on your business.

Please send us your request now and enjoy a special offer: a first analysis meeting for FREE (2 hours inventory of your current IT and analysis of your needs)