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Evolution of our services

Pulsar Consulting, active in ICT services and custom B2B software development, has constantly evolved since its creation in 1998. It has adapted to the market evolution and the crises of the last 15 years, while relying on its solid base of technical, human and management expertise, essential ingredients to the success of its projects.

After the crisis of 2003-2005, Pulsar has developed extended services, allowing to gain the interest of a larger number of customers and to propose new IT services, more focused, and based on the latest technologies. 

After the crisis of 2008-2010, the company seeks to re-increase its margins – in decrease for several structural reasons – by adding a new business model: transform its software in software packages and resell them as a license. This allows Pulsar to propose ICT services in addition to the licenses, which is once again based on its solid base, the software development and their multi-annual maintenance.  

The addition of this new layer - the product matrix - to its business model allowed the development of the necessary framework for the sales & marketing activities needed for this "intrapreneurial" or "in-start-up" principle.

The product matrix allows, for each "incoming" product, in addition to the completed and functional software (debugged):

  • to ensure the image (domain name, website, identity on social networks, etc.)
  • to create the necessary presentation documents (folders) and other marketing goodies (gifts with logo, etc.)
  • to prepare the most appropriate marketing strategy, including advertising on the internet and social networks.
  • to develop a new product licensing policy, together with after-sales support and annual maintenance. 
  • to determine the target audience, find companies in this audience and find out how to reach the right people in these targets.


All these activities, after software development, are required to sell a software package (or software) to new customers. 

Several software packages have already been developed and promoted. Given the success of these approaches for the first elected (eLisa Logistic, Lunch On Web), and the customers' interest for the next ones (Prodigum, P-PGI), Pulsar is already considering new candidates...