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Maintenance Period

The purpose is the maintenance of the delivered application (developed by Pulsar), including but not restricted to the source code specific to the project, executableshtml pages, XML files, and database structure. 

The contract guarantees to the customer the availability of PULSAR for all requests for intervention. To cover the needs, Pulsar set-up and maintain in its own office the development, test and production-like systems and assure the specific application training and availability of necessary trained/skilled staff. 

The offered covered servicesquestions regarding the functioning of the Tool and/or questions regarding the logic and rules implemented in the Tool, diagnosis regarding a reproducible problem, correction of errors, problems diagnosisestimates regarding new functionalities or modifications of existing functionalities, development of new functionalities or modifications of existing functionalities, technological upgrades, etc.


Associated methodology documents: 

MAINT-TRACE-< Client>-< Project>-[Doc_Version].xls (Path: < Project>\Maintenance\Agreement&Tracing) Document used for the tracing of the staff performances during the maintenance phase 

MAINT-AGREE-< Client>-< Project>-[Doc_Version].doc (Path: < Project>\Maintenance\Agreement&Tracing) This is the official agreement (the maintenance contract). 

MM< nr>-< Client>-< Project>-< Date>-[Topic].doc (Path: < Project>\Maintenance\Follow-up) Minutes of the meetings with the clients 

MAINT-FOLLOWUP-< Client>-< Project>-< Date>.doc (Path: < Project>\Maintenance\Follow-up) This documents is the equivalent of the Project Progress Report. It contains the global status of the maintenance activities at a given moment. Its format is given in chapter 3 below. 

TASK -< Client>-< Project>-[Doc_Version].xls (Path: < Project\Docs\Pulsar Internal) Distribution of the tasks across the team, 

ENH-< Client>-< Project>-[Doc_Version].xls (Path: < Project\Docs\Request&Proposals) Listing of the known future enhancements (that means specifying what’s outside the scope of the project). 

REQ-< Client>-< Project>-[Topic]-[Doc_Version].doc (Path: < Project>\ Maintenance\Requests&Evaluation) Requirement document, upon client request, on one or more specific features. 

EVAL-< Client>-< Project>-[Topic]-[Doc_Version].doc (Path: < Project>\ Maintenance\Requests&Evaluation) Functional and/or Technical Evaluation on a specific feature of the application (modification, enhancement, bugfix), upon client request. 

TEST-DB-SAT-< Client>-< Project>-[Topic]-[Doc_Version].mdb (Path: < Project>\Tests) Database allowing generating:

  • TEST-FLOWS-< Client>-< Project>-[Topic]- [Doc_Version].doc : the Test Scenarios and Cases of the Application (Business, Functional and Technical Tests Flows)
  • TEST-PROBLEMS-< Client>-< Project>-[Topic]-[Doc_Version].doc: , the Tests Results and the description of the found problems and their resolution.

QUES-< Client>-< Project>-[Doc_Version].xls (Path: < Project\Docs\Request&Proposals) Listing of all the questions that are raised during the project and needs to be asked to the client