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Board of Directors

Pulsar's Board of Directors is composed of 4 persons (from left to right): Michel Goossens, Linda Laebens, Anca Mandan and Tudor Ivanov.

  • Linda Laebens: Pulsar Financial Director. Computer Scientist specialized in Industry IT solutions, and in financial management, she is the head of Pulsar's accountancy and financial department.
    Driving values:

    • A strong and well balanced team to carry out our projects and developments in the best way for the customer and our team members.
    • A healthy relationship with our partners as well as in business in general. 


  • Anca Mandan: Pulsar HR and Quality & Training Manager. IT Engineer, she was the head of the IT department in the ASD in Liège province. She is specialized in requirements analysis, end-user contacts and acceptance tests. 
    Driving values:

    • Develop staff loyalty by promoting its self-fulfilment
    • Develop customer loyalty by ensuring their satisfaction
    • Promoting long-term relationships based on confidence and direct contact. 


  • Michel Goossens: Pulsar Administrator, Business Director, Computer Scientist, ex-Oracle, he has a large experience in Industry and Telecom solutions, both from sales & marketing and technical point of view.


  • Tudor Ivanov: Managing Director of Pulsar Consulting, NLPU Master Trainer, Master of Science in Electronic and Telecommunication (Civil Engineer), former Oracle senior consultant, focused on Web-related Information Technologies, expert in business processes analysis and IT solutions implementation. 
    Driving values:

    • Strategy to grow companies through projects and products development, with a skilled core team.

    • Offer career opportunities by training/coaching on customer-orientation and results, technical and business knowledge, project culture based on results-and-satisfaction double achievement.

    • Develop a business network based on sustainable leadership values: personal integrity and coherence, people empowerment, mutual respect, and team synergy.

    • Look for new business opportunities with partners, entrepreneurs, investors.