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  • Database SQL serveur 2008
  • Development in .net C# + Java/Linux for Weighing bridge

Custom logistic application used to manage all reception and expedition of goods.

This application manages the whole transaction cycle from ERP (SAP) to industrial onsite equipment (weighing bridge).



Main Functionalities

  • Truck Access Control (link Honeywell)
  • Administration of the guard reception desk
  • Administration loading zones
  • Automatic and Manual truck calling system
  • Weighing Bridge Administration
  • LPG Loading Administration (ADR Product)
  • ‘On-Line’ communication with SAP
  • Supervision of planning and loading times
  • Planning of Loading Zones
  • Alarm Administration
  • Reporting & Statistics
  • Automatic Data Export  
elisa feluy


Picture 1
Drivers let his truck on the weighing bridge and goes to the identification terminal.
Picture 2
Using his identification badge, he launches the weighing process and receives a weighing ticket.
Picture 3
The weighing terminal includes:

  • a badge reader
  • a main processor with network communication to server
  • a weighing device
  • a ticket printer
  • a display for driver's information
  • a PLC for I/O and traffic lights management


Picture 4
This is a kiosk used by the drivers to register and get a badge at the guard.   


Picture 5
All the information are filled in via our touch screen application module

Transactions Screen
This is the main screen of the application. It allows a multi criteria search to find all current or archived transactions.