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The intention of the Marketing Calendar Application (MCA) is to view planned marketing campaigns and organize upcoming campaigns by having a clear overview of what is already planned, and when.


The main new feature is the faster and centralized sharing of information. The MCA application allows you to perform the following actions:

  • View the Marketing Calendar
  • Create new Marketing Campaigns
  • View and edit existing Campaigns
  • Export the Campaign Briefing
  • Export the Marketing Calendar to Excel
  • Advice product manager, segment manager, administrator and “Window Champion” of modifications/creation of campaigns impacting them 


Application overview 


This is the main screen of MCA. At the top, on your left, you can to select only what you want to see ("show": campaigns, products, etc.). Aside, you find the search criteria to define your search by date (from/to), business units, etc.)

The search results appear in the frame just below, in a calendar form (week numbers), with colors to indicate the campaign dates. 

At the bottom of the screen, you have 3 actions: create a new campaign, consult the campaign planning for the next year and export the results to Excel.