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SpecPro is based on Pulsar’s product PRODIGUM, a web-based application using Microsoft Technologies:

  • ASP .net
  • SQL Server
  • C#

SpecPro has been developed for Euro Consultants Group, a specialist in quality improvement for organisations (management consulting). The group mainly operates in the agro-food and agro-processing industries offering a variety of services to different sectors: catering; hotels and tourism; industry; retail; international and institutional cooperation.

Euro Consultants Group operates on 5 levels including  auditing and controlling, research, training and supervision, consultancy and support, operational assistance. 


Application Scope

Specpro is a version of Prodigum oriented towards agro-food and agro-processing industries.

There are two flavors of Specpro:

- Specpro itself is the one currently used in production. This is the legacy version of Prodigum, the one with which everything started.

- Specpro Demo is the most up-to-date version of Specpro, currently used for demo purpose.


SpecPro includes: 

- Product Module with custom datasheet (the core of Specpro)

- Supplier Module with custom datasheet

- Ingredient Module (food version) including bridge with Products

- Complaint & Control Module including bridge with Products and Suppliers

        Special features of SpecPro:

        Extended handling of product composition, including

        tree view of ingredients, inheritance of nutritional

        composition, allergens and contaminants, calculation

        of labels


Search Screen

with a list of results giving a picture of the product and a datasheet preview (name of the product, category, etc.)

  • Legacy composition management module

  • Legacy composition management module


  • Enhanced composition management module


  • Label management based on composition

  • Complaint/Control detail form