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  • Windows Server 2003
  • IIS6
  • .net Framework 2.0
  • Visual Studio 2005
  • C#
  • SQL Server 2005
  • SOAP / Web Services

SMS - Safety Management System

Our customer, Euro Consultants Group, is a specialist in quality improvement for organisations (management consulting). The group mainly operates in the agro-food and agro-processing industries offering a variety of services to different sectors: catering, hotels and tourism; industry; retail, international and institutional cooperation.

Euro Consultants Group operates on 5 levels including auditing and controlling, research, training and supervision, consultancy and support, operational assistance.


Application Scope

Food hygiene and safety are top priorities in the catering industry but not that easy to manage. The Safety Management System Tool (in short, SMS) helps Euro Consultants Group in their daily work as food specialists for the inspections of canteens or restaurants, catering services or hotel kitchens. 

For their inspections, they needed a tool for auditors on the field, performing inspections at the hand of check lists with reports and synchronization at the end of the procedure.

There are several types of audits:

  • Infrastructure audit: check whether your facilities meet the legislation rules in force.
  • Full audit of the auto control system: check on food safety management in the kitchen.
  • Analysis audit: control of the kitchen hygiene and the food quality.
  • Surface check audit.
  • Hygiene audit: ensuring the food safety and hygiene in the kitchen.


We developed 2 applications: a Windows application for auditors and a web application for administrators, finance directors and customers. The web-based application, with MS Excel integration, allows a complete audit of kitchens. Once auditors have completed their control, the result is encoded through a Windows application and becomes available online for the clients, on a central server. The website, allows kitchens' owner to see their result online, download their reports on audits, and manage their own corporate information (address, etc.).

On the screenshot below, an example of audit with multiple choice questions, filled in by an auditor. Answers that do not meet customer’s requirements are highlighted in red. When the audit is completed, the application gives a score in percentage, according to customer’s criteria. After synchronization with the central server, all audits can be found through different search criteria.

Some screenshots of the web application. The first one giving all results of the audits performed, with details for each of them and possible download of excel sheets and attachments if available. The second one is the detailed screen of a performed audit and the third one, the PDF export of the audit.