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pulsar, pulsar consulting



  • Microsoft .Net
  • C#

Pulsar developed the Kiosk Monitor project for the STIB/MIVB.

Kiosk Monitor is based on a Windows .Net application and uses the network (Tcp/ip) to communicate with each kiosk. The communication is based on the SNMP protocol and allows the automatic acquisition of data coming from every equipement supporting SNMP (e.g.: printer, PC, server, router, switch,…) 


It allows:

  • a remote supervision of all kiosks
  • PC Monitoring
  • printers Monitoring
  • alarms Generation

The main screen shows the list of equipments that need to be supervised. This list is flexible and dynamic. The user has the possibility to display only the default equipments. Other values (SNMP) can be added (e.g.: T° processeur, %cpu, …).

The user can display the equipment's details and visualize the problem (middle picture). Here for example, he sees that the PC can not be monitored (no SNMP installed) but that the printer gives several details. He can also see that the front tray of the printer is open and thus that the printer is offline.

Finally, the user can define for each kiosk the PC's and the printer's IP address. By selecting a PC type or a printer type, the user can define the list of items that need to be supervised. It is thus possible to have different printers & PC's in a same network. For each of them, the user can define the elements to supervise and the values that will send alerts or anomalies.