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pulsar, pulsar consulting

Pulsar developed the KIOSK project for the STIB/MIVB.




These kiosks display permanently STIB informations to the travellers (schedules, lines, delays, etc.).

A small PC is installed in the bottom of the kiosk. This PC is designed to work in a quiet environment with a low power consumption. 

A touchscreen can be used for user interaction.





Commercial kiosks specifically build for commercial agencies and include:

  • a big color laser printer with 1200 pages capacity
  • a sound kit
  • a specific thermic regulation system.



These kiosks are used by bus, tram and underground drivers. Every morning, 800 drivers use this kiosk in order to retreive their daily work. It also allows them to communicate with the management (holidays requests, new uniform, etc.).

In contrary with the ITS and OPTILINE kiosks above, the IW Kiosks are built to resist the heavy usage and are made of standard pieces (easier repair and maintenance).