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pulsar, pulsar consulting



  • C#
  • .net 3.5
  • ADO (Active Data Objects)
  • TCP protocol
  • WPF (Windows Presentation Form)
  • Oracle
  • communication PLC
  • Windows services
  • GeoMedia cartography
  • NTP (Network Time Protocol)
  • photo and data crypting
  • UPS communication

In collaboration with Tein Telecom, Pulsar has supplied and installed for some road tunnels of Brussels a system measuring the vehicles average speed on a route and detecting unauthorised vehicles, with centralisation, treatment and visualisation of all data resulting from number plates acquisition.

  • The tunnels modelisation defines accurately the tunnel configurations, with each installed device and with all relevant observed or computed measures concerning the traffic in the tunnels
  • Basic information include:
    • number plate
    • camera which detected the place
    • timestamp of the detection
  • Computed information include:
    • flow and concentration
    • dispatching of tunnel entrances and exits
    • computed route time
    • foreseen route time