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  • dotNet 2.0 Windows software
  • .net 3.5
  • PDA application
  • Web Services
  • Background application

eLisa RAIL is a complete solution made for 2 Total Petrochemicals factories in France (Gonfreville and Carling). These factories produce several products (benzene, styrene, …) mainly carried via wagons. The Total SAP system sends customer orders which are fulfilled with filled-in wagons. As the 2 factories don’t produce every elements, a shuttle has been set between Carling and Gonfreville to carry needed products. This is a new feature brought by eLisa.

The objectives of the solution are:

  • to directly have a snapshot of the available wagons on site: lane position, product, status (loaded/empty),… To achieve this goal, eLisa communicates on the one hand with RFID (Radio-frequency identification) antennas which read the tags on the wagons at the entry of each lane. On the other hand, weighings are received from bridges and are used to calculate the quantity of loaded/unloaded product.
  • to manage the SAP orders. According to the required quantities and the available stocks, the user associates wagons to the orders


Furthermore, other functionalities include:

  • alarms which are automatically generated when abnormal situations occur (e.g. incorrect wagon movement)
  • reports can be generated for internal statistics
  • a screen allows to manage the planning of the week (e.g. 20 wagons of styrene should be available for Friday)
  • administration screens (user right management, referentials, system parameters,…)


The Total Rail Projects handles:

  • the management of 350 wagons on site
  • the transport between 2 Total Sites, in Gonfreville and Carling
    • transport of ADR Products
    • increase of the rail traffic
  • the location of the wagons through an RFID Interface.


For the eLisa Rail project, Pulsar developed 3 different applications:

  • Background: treatment of files in I/O
  • Foreground: Windows application
  • PDA: Pocket application with SOAP service.




Management of the wagons before eLisa Rail: board updated manually.



Management of the wagons with the eLisa Rail application:

  • Quick and clear overview of all site ways
  • Information on the ways: number of wagons, consignment
  • Information on the wagons: anomaly, status, product, etc.

Here below, a screenshot of the application. Through this screen, the user can specify one or more search criteria to find a wagon (e.g.: search by status, product, etc.):



Clicking on a wagon in the result grid opens its identification sheet:



 A transit into practice

1. A wagon arrives on site and is identified at the hand of a PDA:

  • scan of the RFID: opening of the wagon sheet on the PDA
  • validation of the technical sheet
  • entry wagon control

2. Synchronization of the PDA with the database: update of the rail tracks and update of the wagon data.

3. Combination of the wagon with SAP orders

4. Unloading:

  • control before by loaders
  • weighing
  • control after by loaders

5. Exit of the site