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  • Visual Basic 6, COM+ Components
  • MS SQL Server 7
  • ASP, HTML, Javascript
  • IIS, Active Directory, DNA, ISA Server
  • SOAP
  • Certificate Authentication (HTTPS)
  • Flash MX

Pulsar has developed the HOSPI application for AssurCard, a company offering a platform and networking services in the insurance sector to ease the communication between insurance companies and other stakeholders (hospitals, garages, pharmacists, etc...). This application manages the whole hospitalisation cycle, from the declaration to the billing, for private people. 

The purpose of the Assurcard HOSPI application is to offer to patients a system that allows direct invoicing of the services linked to a hospitalization to the insurance company that covers the patient for its hospitalization. The Assurcard HOSPI third party payment system is a WEB based system that allows the exchange of data and commitments between insurer and hospitals about the coverage of the hospitalization costs of these patients. 

pulsar, assurcard, hospi

The application manages the following flows:

  • Pre-Hospitalization detailed flow

pulsar, assurcard, hospi


  • Pre-Hospitalisation : the patient that foresees a hospitalization needs to inform his insurer. He registers, thanks to his Assurcard, a pre-hospitalization from a kiosk located in a hospital or through theAssurcard website. The patient can also contact his insurer directly who is then able to register the pre-hospitalization into the system for that patient. The system notifies the insurer of that pre-hospitalization. When the system is able to take a immediate decision based on the information supplied by the patient, this decision is notified to the patient. 
  • Hospitalization: the patient that goes to the hospital and wants to activate the third party payment system should show his AssurCard during the admission procedure at the admission desk of the hospital. 
  • Admission: when the patient shows his card, the desk of the hospital connects to the ASSURCARD Web Site and proceeds with the admission of the patient into the system. The admission is notified to the insurer and the hospital receives the decision associated to the patient’s cover request.  
  • Invoicing: the hospital electronically transmits the invoice to the insurer that directly pays the hospital. 
  • Payment: the payment is done directly by the insurer to the hospital out of the AssurCard system.