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  • DotNet Framework 2.0 and 3.5
  • HMI with DotNet 2.0 (compatibility with XPe)
  • Lisa Server Background in DotNet 3.5
  • Lisa Web Management in DotNet 3.5


Project Scope

Yara Ferrara and Ravenna wanted to modify the logistics handling for loading of both wet and dry cargo. The main purpose was to remove manual procedures and streamline the loading process.

The software core used is LISA (Logistics Information Systems Automation). LISA is an open system, and therefore a maximum of information is stored in Oracle tables of the Yara ALS system. This gives Yara the maximum access and control over the data to be used. ALS is a proprietary system of Yara Ferrara and Ravenna and is handling the orders with the related logistical actions. The LISA Server communicates as an Oracle client with the ALS system. ALS communicates with the Enterprise Resource Planning system SAP. 

Main Concepts

  • All registration and weighing terminals are multilingual (Italian, English, French, German, Hungarian, Spanish, Bulgarian and Romanian).
  • The database running on the Lisa Server is an Oracle 10G Express database. The link between the Lisa Server and the ALS System is done by calling PL/SQL Stored procedures that are defined in the ALS System. Therefore, there is a database link mbetween the two Oracle Databases (Lisa’s and ALS’ database)



Registration Terminal


Weighing Bridge